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Ryan Ashley The Poet

The Most Charmingly Unique and Personal Entertainment

Enter the world of enchantment, where the charm of Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook" meets the boundless creativity of Burning Man. Allow me to introduce myself as Ryan Ashley The Poet—a performer with a timeless allure, ready to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your events, wherever they may be, across the globe.

Picture this: a vintage typewriter nestled amid the romantic ambiance, adorned in classic poet apparel. A sign beckons guests with the promise of "A Poem For You." With each curious request, I weave words like an artist, crafting original custom poems on exquisite stationary—personalized with the names of brides, grooms, or even your esteemed company logo. The result? A cherished memory, etched in ink, elevating the event to a realm of unparalleled charm and beauty.

My repertoire spans diverse occasions—from weddings and conferences to corporate events, fundraisers, baby showers, and enchanting holiday gatherings. Yet, it's amid whimsical and dynamic settings, where unique experiences thrive, that the true magic of my performance shines. My artistry has graced the pages of prominent publications such as The Atlantic, Austin Chronicle, Humans of New York, and many others nationwide. Although I currently call Asheville, North Carolina, my home, my poetic journey has taken me to captivating destinations such as Austin, TX, San Francisco, New York, and Denver, Colorado. I have even traversed the Atlantic to showcase my craft in Europe.

Over the course of 15 years in the high-end service industry, my artistry has evolved, culminating in the creation of this one-of-a-kind performance piece—eight years in the making. My poetic pen has danced for celebrities, executives, and politicians, for within the realm of event entertainment, my service stands unparalleled—a mesmerizing experience that leaves a lasting imprint on all who encounter it.

With the finesse of a romantic, the charm of a storyteller, and the whimsy of a dreamer, I am eager to be the crowning jewel in your event's crown. Imagine me crafting poems that grace your guests with a gentle stamp of the date and the essence of your affair, a timeless memento to cherish for years to come.

Embrace the allure of Ryan Ashley The Poet, and let me add a touch of magic, poetry, and enchantment to your next event or wedding. Together, we'll create a symphony of words and emotions, etching unforgettable memories in the hearts of all who attend.

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"Ryan Ashley The Artist is one of those truly rare experiences that guests can enjoy at an event.  Perhaps my favorite part of this engaging experience is that Ryan takes time with each individual to get to know them a bit before the ink hits the paper.  Each poem is a unique reflection of the person sitting with him.  Ryan Ashley The Artist is not a gimmicky activation, it's a real, sincere experience that holds something special for every individual that takes the journey with Ryan."  

- Kevin Molesworth, CSE Owner, Brass Tacks Events

Immediate Past President, International Special Events Society - Austin Chapter, 2015-2016-- 

I had the opportunity to meet Ryan at Marriott Masters, and the E4 Conference.  Both times I was amazed at the long lines for people waiting to sit with him.  He is a true professional and does an amazing job working from his small table, dim lighting, and an original Royal typewriter.  Ryan would be an asset to any function.

 Patti Fee

Vice President Meetings and Events

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

Patti Fee

Vice President Meetings and Events

In 2018, Western Union Financial Services, Inc. participated in Financial Service Convention in Las Vegas with over 700 Attendees.  At a Gala event on the last evening, we contracted with Ryan Knowles (Poet) as entertainment at the Western Union Booth.  During a 3 hour event we were astonished at the response of attendees coming to our booth and all visiting with us about our services while they waited for the Poet to write them a Poem that they could take home to their “significant other”.

Ryan’s setup was rather simple with a table and an old fashioned typewriter, and preprinted cards that indicated the poem was compliments of Western Union.  But his dress, behavior, and attitude made a tremendous impact on hundreds of people that evening.  As the evening was ending, people were still standing in line waiting for a poem, and Ryan stayed beyond his contracted time to make sure all that were still waiting were able to receive a poem.

The event was a big hit with attendees, and I would recommend Ryan Knowles (The Poet) for events such as these where you are trying to draw a crowd to your booth and overall business.  I can see his service being used at Company Holiday Parties for internal employees, or at the many Conventions through-out the year.  As a Corporate Sponsor, we were very well pleased with Ryan and his services, and even more pleased with the draw it provided to the Western Union booth at our event.


Darton Stradling

Regional Director – West Region

The Western Union Company

Stacey and I knew that we wanted something special for our wedding day. When our wedding planner told us about Ryan we immediately realized that Ryan Ashley The Artist would be an awesome addition to our wedding entertainment. We could not have been more pleased the with Ryan Ashley The Artist's experience. Ryan added that 'something special' to our wedding. There was a constant crowd around his typewriter and all the guests really enjoyed watching Ryan work his magic. The next week we had many folks comment on how wonderful and on point Ryan's poetry was. We can't recommend Ryan Ashley The Artist and his beautiful words enough for any type of gathering.

-Rich and Stacey Soule, Bride and Groom

“I invited Ryan to share his poetry at a benefit concert and art exhibit at my studio in Austin and I heard nothing but great feedback from my collectors.  He is passionate, professional and has a few words that he would like to share with you."

- Greg Davis, National Geographic Photographer

"Ryan Ashley The Artist's booth was one of the most touching things I have seen at a festival. A raw old analog typewriter atop a wooden desk sitting at odds with a world of digital everything, nothing but his wits and his muse to carry him on his journey to create bespoke poetry in real time for all who want to watch a real poet at work. For the 2 minutes, it takes him to materialize a beautiful, artful and surreal stream of words that sit together perfectly around your chosen subject, you can stand there and listen to the clatter of keys on ink ribbon and wonder why we would want to write any other way. A curious and quiet delight amongst the loudness and lights of 2000 and teen's festival culture. So glad we met... and thank you for the poem! "

- Darin McFadyen, international DJ

Ryan made our fundraising event all the more special with his performance poetry. He awed and inspired everyone with his creative genius. Our donors were thrilled to leave with one of Ryan’s treasured poems crafted with his smart, sweet and insightful style. "

-Diane Mailey of Zen Hospice, San Francisco

"Ryan has done two commissioned poems for short films. They are absolute treasures. Not only is he an extremely talented poet, he is fast! One of the poems, he wrote on the spot. He has the sensitivity and passion to write from his heart."

- Jennifer Whalen

Photographer & Filmmaker

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