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How I Became a Typewriter Poet:

Greetings, beautiful souls,

I am Ryan Ashley, The Poet, and my journey, like the verses I weave, is a tapestry of resilience, love, and the unwavering pursuit of beauty in the face of darkness. From the moment I drew breath, I was destined to be a dreamer, an empath, a soul entangled in the threads of both beauty and its shadow.

Poetry, I discovered, was my sanctuary, my refuge in the storm of life. From the tender age of 6 or 7, I became entranced by the power of words, molding them into verses that whispered the secrets of my soul. In the hushed hours of the night, I poured my heart onto pages, crafting poems that mirrored my observations, emotions, and the depths of my being.

In the cocoon of my words, I found solace until tragedy, as cruel as fate could muster, struck my world. At 14, I became an orphan, my mother's life stolen by the hands of my schizophrenic father. Her last moments, a symphony of love and despair, etched into my soul a pain that words could hardly contain.

In the absence of nurturing, I turned to writing once more, seeking solace in the ink that flowed from my pen. Time passed, marked by pain but also by moments of ethereal beauty. A transformative encounter with Magic Mushrooms cracked open my heart, urging me to write with newfound purpose — to heal, to tell stories, to help others articulate their own narratives.

Then, a guiding light entered my life in the form of a woman whose support was a balm to my wounded heart. On a simple napkin, I etched a poem that astonished her, a testament to the power of my words. Encouraged, she gifted me a vintage typewriter, infused with the scent of vanilla, igniting the flame of my destiny.

I took to the streets, barefoot, a vagabond poet, sharing my verses with the world. Tears flowed, hearts stirred, and my words resonated with the depths of human experience. Yet, I yearned for more than mere tips tossed into my hat. I yearned for recognition of the value my craft held.

With relentless determination, I embraced the daunting world of marketing and branding, transforming my passion into a profession. Today, I find myself in the vibrant heart of Miami, a bespoke poet sought after by luxury hotels, crafting verbal alchemy at weddings, events, and in the pages of esteemed publications.

Yet, my journey is far from effortless. I navigate the challenges of staying afloat, of keeping faith alive amidst broken promises and uncertain tomorrows. But in this struggle, I find abundance in the connections I forge, in the moments I create, and in the lives I touch with my words.

Now, dear reader, I stand before you, honored to craft a poem that dances to the rhythm of your soul. Your donations are not just coins in a hat; they are the strands of hope that keep me from the abyss of homelessness. With your support, I continue this odyssey, patiently awaiting the perfect connection that will illuminate my path, and in turn, brighten yours.

In the embrace of your generosity, I find the strength to persist, to continue this poetic voyage, and to weave verses that echo the beauty of the human spirit. Thank you for being a part of this journey, for believing in the transformative power of words, and for helping me navigate the labyrinth of life.

With heartfelt gratitude, Ryan Ashley, The Poet Donate Here:

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